The main objective of this blog is helping peoples by providing all kinds of traveling information regarding the places.

About travellers in india

This website is providing information on traveling in India. Peoples can easily bookmark it for their next browsing. Now the question is why it should be bookmarked?

By browsing, peoples will get information regarding 29 states of India. There are availability of clear ideas regarding each states of India in brief. For example visitors can know the location, area length, history, cultural dresses, festivals, food names, traditions, notable people’s name, spoken languages of each state, and how to reach there.

If one want to know about all of this information, the person need to search in Google part by part. For example, “history of that state”/ “cultural foods of that state” etc. But if one browses this website, he can easily access all of information in one.

After getting informed about states, one can search their dessired cities to select for a trip. That means, if a person wants to know about core information of any cities like states, he can easily get them here.

Best point of the website is, it works in friendly way. The visitors during reading the blog will always feel that they are talking with someone face to face who is helping them. It helps to find top 5 places within a city. Suppose a person hasn’t much money to visit a whole city. In that case, the website helps to find top 5 travel places to visit in low cost within the city.

Beside these, the most important part to remember for a visitor is ‘safety’. Yes, this website is concern about visitors’ safety. Visitors will get notified if the places have any safety issues.

Visitors’ comments, instructions will be taken respectfully.

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