15 Best Monsoon Weekend Gateway to Mumbai

Nevertheless, with the onset of the monsoon season, it is time for fresh air and the scattering of raindrops.  This is probably the best time of the year where you can get the scent of Petrichore from the surface of the earth but while living in a city like Mumbai you can feel a rejuvenation where skyscrapers cold winds interrupt and deadly vehicles stop life for hours?  The only way is to escape from everything.

There are places near Mumbai where you can wake up to hear the rain hit your windows.  Where long thunderstorms will be the refuge of surreal peace. Where the sound of heavy rain is the inspiration to create a symphony of happy memories that will shine even after leaving these beautiful arrows from Mumbai.

If you live in Mumbai or just visit the city during the rainy season, we have a list of 15-weekend getaways from the city that are waiting for you to explore during this beautiful rainy season.

List of top 15 places to visit in the rainy season near Mumbai:


The image takes you back for a second, doesn’t it? Igatpuri is a really pleasant place in the rainy season.  Its foggy mountains and quiet surroundings can make you eager to sing love songs, so go ahead and sing some sweet tunes. the more you explore, the more you will fall in love. As raindrops fall on your car window or hotel, they will prompt you to simply wear warm clothing and move on to some of its external attractions. Speaking of which, this small town in Nasik district boasts of some enchanting tourist spots, among which the tourist attractions of Igatpuri are a must-see  Tringalwari Fort, Camel Valley, Bipasha International Academy, Kalsubai, Pikvatsa River, Valley, Avandha Fort, Karoli Ghat

Distance: 121 KM via NH 160


Adventure activities to be done in Igatpuri

Exciting Tringalwari Fort Trek Walking on Kalsubai Peak Amazing Lakeside Camping Kulanggarh Fort Trek Water activities like relay rafting, kayaking, swimming and boating etc.


Karnala is one of the fascinating rainy trails to visit from Mumbai and it is surrounded by green scenery, hills and waterfalls. This is where the Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located, a place for bird watching and resting, indeed a haven for nature lovers. If you like bird watching then visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary, the sweet chirping of birds will be pleasing to your ears. During your weekend trip here, a trek to the Karnala Fort is also a must, you can tour the ancient fort occupied by green algae, various plants and mountaineers, also, a beautiful view of the Sahyadri mountains beyond belief.

Distance: 52 KM via NH 66



Kolad, a captivating riverine village in Raigarh district, is famous for its river rafting water sports. It is an ideal place to explore a less busy paradise, both blessed and beloved by travelers. Among the water sports, you can try river sweeping in sports like rowing, kayaking, rafting and also try river crossing and rappelling.  Well, travel bugs, it is understandable that not everyone enjoys watersports, so, instead you can visit interesting places like Tala and Ghoshala forts, Kuda cave, Veera and Olwalwal dam, Tamhini and Kansai waterfalls.  After all, one of the unique attractions that can enhance your travels is the hot springs in Udhar (30 km away).

Some of the college’s tourist attractions are a must-see Vira Dam Ghosala Fort, Sutarwari Lake, Tala Fort, Olwalwal Dam, Collad Museum, Kundalika River, Sukeli Waterfalls

Distance: 125 km via SH92



These two places are very popular & famous destinations in the travel bug, as a result, they are the most famous monsoon vacation destination in Maharashtra.  And that’s why these places just had to be mentioned in this article. Lonavala and Khandala together make a dual holiday package for a family holiday as it is blessed with spell-bound natural landscapes and many interesting attractions to see. Here, the sausage hill must be visited (it may seem ridiculous with the name ‘sausage’ since the hill seems to match its shape, the name Voila! Has floated).

Some of the major tourist attractions of Lonavala are – Bushi Dam, Tungarli Lake, Tiger Liplians Point, Tikona, Visapur Tikona

Some of the major tourist attractions of Khandala are – Lohagarh, Fortkun Falls, Duke Nose Shooting Point, Shiva Ling Bedsa Cave

Distance: 81 KM via NH 48

Lonawala - Khandala
Lonawala – Khandala


Why do you visit Mahabaleshwar in the rainy month, you ask? OK, because the royal emerald mountains are accompanied by waterfalls and only this season can be seen glistening waterfalls.  It’s one of the best places to dance in the rain and it’s really hard to resist.  Check out Lingamala Falls which gives visitors a positive feeling, trek up to Wilson Point, here you can get a spectacular view at sunrise.  Needless to say, Mahabaleshwar makes your weekend a romantic destination for long weekend rainy season vacations.

The top tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar are: Marpo Garden, Vena Lake, Mini Kashmir, Percy PointBabington Point, Ludwick Point, Table Land, Rajpuri Cave ,Tapola 

 Distance: 260 KM via NH 66 The little habitat, affectionately known as Mini-Kashmir, is surrounded by the greenery of the Tapla Sahyadri hills. The presence of peace can be felt when you live in a comfortable village and travel to its tourist attractions which are far away as a polluted paradise. As the fog hides on the comfortable and alluring Tapola, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Koyna Dam and Shivsagar Lake. Tapola’s amazing background probably makes it a perfect hotspot for nature photographers who can capture some great shots.  Come, soak up all your senses and free yourself from the materialistic world to this enchanting destination Topola (even if it’s on the weekends).

HighlightsIt is considered the most visited and popular tourist attraction in  Topola.  You can enjoy adventure activities like kayaking, boating, windsurfing and water scooters. Refresh your mind. 



You must be wondering, what is in the jewel? Well, for starters, this place is famous for its Warli paintings, which traditionally are made with rice paste painted with letters on a red background and it also proves to be a perfect souvenir. Apart from that, Jawaharlal Nehru has a pleasant environment as it is surrounded by emerald forests and waterfalls.  And during a spectacular trip here, you must visit Davosa Falls. Since this destination has a combination of nature and vibrant cultural heritage, you will not miss its main attractions like Joybilas Palace. And to take some amazing pictures of birds, visiting Joy Sagar Dam would be an ideal task as the place is full of rare birds.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s top tourist attraction: Joy Bilas Palace, Shirpamal, Davosa Falls, Hanuman 

Point, Sunset Point, Joy Sagar Dam, Bhupat Garh Fort

Distance: 142 KM via NH 48


Need a short weekend trip from Mumbai instead? The place is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra, this destination is full of nature and offers an abundance of activities. You can take part in a daring adventure sport such as rock climbing and rafting on the river Amba which flows through the dense jungles of Durshet, cross-crossing heavy rocks and rotten tree branches you can also see many birds drinking water during your rafting adventure. Since it is a rainy season, expect to see lots of waterfalls here, and trek the foggy mountains along unfamiliar paths while staying here.

Top tourist attractions in Durshet: Pali Kella of Bharad, Binayak Temple

Highlights Jungle safari in Durshet forest is one of the best things to do in Durshet. Sarasgarh Fort Trek will be the most exciting trek in Durshet.  Adventures like ziplining, rappelling, rock climbing, Tarzan swing, treasure hunt like water kayaking activities like kayaking, river rafting etc. in Kundika river will satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Distance: 78 km via NH 48


Distance: 102 km from Mumbai-Pune National Highway

One of the reasons travelers come to Kamshet is the experience of paragliding which has never happened before.  Of course, if you were in the north of India, there are few destinations for paragliding but in the west, Kamshet is one of the handful of places that offers incredible paragliding experience. However, the option of paragliding in the rainy season is quite low (almost zero!).  There are several temples like Kondeshwar.

Highlights Top tourist attractions to visit in Kamshet are – The forts of Lohagarh, Tikona and Tungi and caves like Bhairi, Karla, Bhaja and Veda. Bhandara Dongar Lake, Tikona Fort Trek and Paragliding. 


A beautiful small hill station in Maharashtra, Lavasa is a perfect tourist destination for family vacations and even romance.   How not to go to Lavasa?  It highly reflects the surroundings of the Italian city of Portofino and features cloned buildings, structures and romantic pebbles. You can be even more memorable in Lavasa by choosing a trekking activity between wet forest and colorful rain. In addition to trekking, Mulshi Dam, located near the city, is a place that is perfect for sightseeing and bringing some beautiful pictures home. A hidden gem so to speak, Mulshi Dam is rather a favorite destination of nature photographers.  It is famous for a large stain.  It is a great destination to visit especially in the rainy season as it becomes brighter and more pleasant in the rainy season.

The top tourist attractions in Lavasa are: Vortex Splash, Pad, Varasgaon Dam, Lake Temghar 

Dam, Ghangarh Fort

Malshej Ghat

Distance: 127 KM via NH 61 Welcome to the beautiful mountain path of the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat.  This impressive accommodation is a place to seek solace, a visit here during the rainy season will offer you a good stay to create a symphony of raindrops. Its dense forests, alluring lakes and algae are the estuary of Shivnari fort and an inviting environment.  When planning a monsoon trip to Malshej Ghat, make sure you add more time for yourself to relax and unwind.

The top tourist attractions of Malshej Ghat are: Harishchandragarh Fort, Ajoba Hill, Fort Konkan, Kara Paona Lake Camping, Malshej Falls, Pimpalgaon Joga 



Distance: 95 KM via NH 66 Alibag is close to Mumbai and one of the seasonal destinations for all the right reasons.  While here, what would you choose?  Jump with joy on the beach or walk to the castle, duh!  Both Swimming in the sea during the rainy season is always a great experience, the feeling it gives is beyond words, of course, there is Korlai Fort (half an hour’s distance), its historical history when you read about its past while walking along with the stone-broken ruins of Mughal, Portuguese and Maratha architecture. The more you climb the fort, the more spectacular it becomes, the more you will see a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. 

The top tourist attractions in Alibag are: Joy Bhabani Temple, Murud Janjira Fort


Distance – 80 km from Mumbai Have you ever imagined going through the beautiful scenery of nature on a small toy train?  Well, you can enjoy this wonderful ride to Matheran.  It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the rainy season near Mumbai.  Just imagine!  You will be able to see green forests, beautiful landscapes and emerald green landscapes immersed in serenity which will give you the best opportunity to click on the image to display on your Instagram platform.  A trip to Matheran will remind you of a poem by John Keats “The thing of beauty is joy forever”.

Top tourist attractions in Matheran are:

Dodhani Falls, Louisa Point, Irshalgarh Fort, Little Chalk Point, Ambernath Shiv Point, Rambagh Point, Porcupine 


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